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Hello everyone,

Our second contest of the year 'Tell Me A Story' is officially ended. Nothing would have made me more happier to have only good news but sadly good follows the not-so-good as well.

Let's start with the good first. We had an exceptional turnout this time around! All the entries were wonderfully crafted and unique in their own ways. I would like to thank everyone for their participation and this includes our very talented writers plus all the members who showed interest in the prompt!

Unfortunately, we did not receive enough votes to have first, second and third place winners. I am very very sorry for that. I had hoped that we would receive more votes because so many members were interested in this prompt but I cannot make others vote only request their assistance.

First thing's first. All the votes were cast publicly and you can view them here.

If my math is correct, the vote count is listed below next to each entry in bold:

1) Mischievous KissDisclaimer: I do not own characters in this story.
SesshomaruxRin story by SweetAyu
Rin enjoyed the sun’s warmth kissing lightly against her face. She held her hand against her cheek, momentarily. The warmth felt really nice against her skin. She heard Souta speaking as she followed behind him and Hitomi.
The place Rin and Hitomi had been pulled into was full of roses, with many different types blooming all around her.
“So here we are. Welcome to my garden!” Souta grinned widely. He was happy to share his garden with two beautiful flowers that stood before him. Their radiant smiles made his heart pound in excitement.
“It’s a beautiful garden.” Rin complimented as she looked around the garden.
“I agree, it’s like the perfect place to host a tea party.” Hitomi smiled before she took Souta’s hand into her own.
“Thank you Souta for allowing my agency to use your location to film. We really need to have the previ
by :iconsweetayu: (NO VOTES)

2) Mon Bien-aime PrinceAuthor's Note: Special Thanks to :iconlittlescavenger: for helping me with the French Translations :love:
Diclaimer: Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi

Mon Bien-aimé Prince

(My Beloved Prince)
[Part 1]
“Come on Rin! Let’s go over there! I want to see him properly! Can’t get a good view from here.” Sango craned her head over Rin’s, who was sitting across the table, to get a good view of the foreigner standing across the room with swarms of girls surrounding him.
Rin adjusted her glasses and peeked from her book to glare at her friend. “Sango, you have a boyfriend. And you know that I couldn’t care less about that foreigner even if I tried to bother.”
Sango gasped. “But he’s the Prince of Monaco for crying out loud!! His French accent is really hot!”
Rin rolled her eyes. “I’m pretty sure he’s a douchebag. All rich guys are. I want nothing to do
by :icondestinyrose09: (ONE VOTE)

3) HumanThe girl… the one he doesn't know the name of… the one with matted black hair and dirt clinging to her tanned and calloused skin… the girl with bruises, cuts, who walks with a limp, and says not a peep… the girl that brings him water and food even though he harshly tells her not to… the human girl he lets get close.
He hates humans; he hates them with a passion that scorches the brittle remains of his hearts. They are disgusting creatures, pointless creatures. He has seen only one purpose that drives their lives forward, to breed. They are such basic creatures, no reason for their existence. There is no guilt involved in cutting one down; another five will crop up in the dead one's place. They are not rare, they are not strong, they are not valuable. They are ridden with emotions, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and toil away at the seductive concept of the fantasy creature known as love.
Humans were so… human.
Words could not really de
by :icondelicateaschina: (TWO VOTES)

4) Monday MorningDisclaimer: I own nothing.
Monday Morning
By: December Sapphire
SesshomaruXRin fic
He was the most atrocious, despicable, vulgar, insensitive, dazzling, captivating, gorgeous…no stop it Rin! You hate him, you hate him! He was rude, crude and hated everything that moved. But he was so…perfect. All I wanted to do was take him by the collar and place a big smacker on those lips of his. NO! Enough of these thoughts!
It was so much fun fighting with myself. Even though myself wanted Sesshomaru Takahashi…stop it Rin. You do not want him! You can't have him!
Who was I kidding? I was right, he was untouchable. Even I, his personal secretary, couldn't lay a finger on him. Still, I always spotted these slutty little models leaving his office right when I return from lunch break. Maybe only hot, sexy, skinny, perfect girls could touch him. Why couldn't I be like that? Why couldn't I walk around like I had a wedgie all day? Answer-I don't want
by :iconsapphireeyesinthesky: (ONE VOTE)

5) WarmthThey say I am a broken child, a girl who cannot speak, nor understand the laws of man. I wander the forest and follow the rabbit trails. I hunt for my meals and steal water and food when there is no other choice. How can I follow the laws of men, when they do not provide me with food or shelter? I do not speak because I forgot, it is because they took it from me and it hides within. I fear humans. They know no mercy even to a homeless child like me.
I found a demon in the forest one day. The sun was setting and he was covered in blood. He reminds me of myself. Broken and tattered in need of a helping hand. I offered him food and water and yet he denied such things from me. He did however drink the water by day break. He threatened to kill me but I knew he was too weak to attack. I lived on to offer him more water the next day. He looked beaten and tired but he spoke and he had such life in his eyes. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to follow this demon, shaped like a man. I wanted to
by :iconteddygirl-ana: (ONE VOTE)

If I declare entry #3 as the official winner that would mean that entry #s 2, 4 and 5 are all second place winners. I wouldn't mind having a tie between first, second or third place winners but having more than one first, second or third place winner doesn't feel like a contest. So, here is what I've decided:

:bulletred: All entries that received a vote will receive 200 DA Points for participation and the one entry that didn't get any votes will receive 100 DA Points.
(The combination of points that would have been awarded to first, second and third place winner is 850. Divided that by four entries gives us 283.33. That's how I decided to disperse 200 DA Points to each entry that received votes and 100 DA points to the entry that didn't receive any votes)

:bulletred: All entries (regardless of votes) will receive artwork for participation.
(Originally, the plan was to give a first, second and third prize artwork but this will be modified so that the prize is now a participation prize)

:bulletred: All participants will be featured here with a short write up featuring their background. This will include links to written works, art work, social network profiles, etc.,

To All Participants:

:bulletgreen: I'm so sorry that the prizes are modified! It didn't feel fair to me to award one first place prize and consolation prizes to all those who received one vote. Neither did it feel fair to give three entries second place prizes with no third place entry.

:bulletgreen: For your write up, please send me a note with the following:

*a blurb about who you are and your hobbies

*why you like Sessh/Rin

*social networking sites where members can follow you

*links to your original written works or art works

:bulletgreen: I've already contacted the artist to fix up the prizes  and as soon as I hear back from her, I'll either send you guys the artwork prize or let you know how soon you will receive it.

:bulletgreen: Again, my sincerest apologies for the change in awards but I can't make members vote if they don't want to!

Thank you so much all and please let me know if there are any questions.
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