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Hope everyone is doing well in the community while I've been otherwise preoccupied with real life.

During my absence, what has kept the community members active? Have you guys been focusing more on reading/writing/drawing Sessh/Rin related material or have you been busy with your other fandoms?
I've been revisiting many anime classics while I've been away. Mononoke Hime was one of them. Reading my old fantasy novels has also taken up most of my time, in this particular case it was the Simarillion by JRR Tolkien.

My hobbies got me thinking about something... In Mononoke Hime, Ashitaka is informed that something is brewing in the West and subsequently his journey takes him there. In this story, the West represents a time of change and the dawning of the age of man. At least that's what I feel. Watching the destruction of the forest spirit was heart wrenching for me and I cry each time San's mother dies. But all that aside (and at the risk of revealing too much for those who haven't watched the movie), it was interesting to me that even after all was said and done, the spirits did not fully diminish and continued their survivalalongside man.

Similarly there is much mention of mystical mythical things/happenings in the west in much of JRR Tolkien's writings. There is so much happening in the West that shapes the future of Middle Earth and the dawning of the age of man. Personally, JRR Tolkien's writings are not an easy read for me but I absolutely love his cosmology! If you guys haven't read his books, you're missing out on a world of excitement and a beautifully crafted universe.

All this lead me to question if there is a reason behind one of Sesshomaru's titles. Did 'Lord of the West' represent more than just the fact that he was a rich and noble lord? I know he goes by other aliases as well but this particular name really got my noodle twisting. I've read in forums and fan discussions about allegory that RT subtley throws in her works from Chinese and Japanese mythology. For Japan, much of their story telling and folklore is actually Chinese so could there be a possibility that Sesshomaru and his clan or his ancestors were also from China? Or, could they have hailed from even further in the west?

After snooping around several Inuyasha discussion forums, it seems to me that Sesshomaru is the most popular of the group. More-so even than Kagome. I know the ladies are intrigued by him and swoon over his long hair and sexy eyes (you'll be surprised at the large number of fangirls for Inu-kun as well!) but I feel there is so much more to the brothers' heritage than what meets the eye. InuTaisho and even InuKimi are mystical and powerful demons with exceptional mystical prowess. Could their reign have spread past the expanse of Japan and maybe even Earth?

After witnessing InuKimi's abilities, I wouldn't be surprised if her role was something of an Earth guardian such as Kami-Sama from the Dragon Ball series. Or, could she have been the keeper of various realms through time and space? Think about how she told Sesshomaru that he is not a god but yet proceeds to bring Rin back to life. Perhaps she swapped Rin's soul for another Rin from another time or universe? I'm only speculating of course and just looking for friendly, exciting discussion. RT's world is her own and I make no profit out of discussing her awesome universe.

Well, these are just my silly drabbles. As a lover of all my fandoms, I can't help but to draw parallels every now and then! :p

I'd love to hear what you guys think and how you feel about the mysteries of the West!

Much love,

Lady Shenzuki
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